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American Youth Leaders Summit
for High School Students


A three-day conference for high school students to interact with experts on citizenship, democracy, the free enterprise system, the judicial system, and the American political process. The program includes thought-provoking lectures, historical tours, and experiential workshops, all designed to develop leadership skills and deepen an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of engaged citizenship.The Sacramento Chapter of the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge provides scholarships for attendance.  We are no longer accepting applications for the 2018 Youth Summit (Click on the link above for an application form).  High school students interested in participating on their own may contact the national Freedoms Foundation offices at  education@ffvf.org for cost and other information.


2018 American Youth Leaders Summit


Nasia Barber (Grant Union), Leyla Basurto (Hiram Johnson), Trenton Bilyeu (Whitney), Tracey Bontilao (Whitney), Ethan Brown (Woodcreek), Jessie Buys, Quincee Carter (Del Oro), Truman Casady (Lincoln), Keri Chen (Whitney), Hannah Corliss (John Adams), Monét Cox (Grant), Lauren Cutts (Casa Roble), Jared Davis (Antelope), Sara Donnellan (Whitney), Trinity Dorsey (Rosemont), Destiny Everett (Lincoln), Parker Fellows (Folsom), Jasmine Fontana (Rosemont), William Frisby (Hiram Johnson), Cameron Gunst (Hiram Johnson), Kateryna Gupato (Rosemont), Josh Hansen (Del Oro), James Harkness-Corral (Folsom), Natasha Henmi (Rocklin), Adezha Henry (Grant), Millie Hinson (Lincoln), Charles Holmes (Western Sierra Collegiate Academy), Hunter Jeppson (Del Oro), Joshua Jones (Woodcreek), Jaren Knight (Casa Roble), Christian Kunzel (Hiram Johnson), Chi Hin Justin Kwok (Whitney), Brendan Lewis, Ashlyn Ludlow, Johnny Luna (Rosemont), Paige Matthews (Rocklin), Jeremy McFadyen (Galt), Emma Miller (Antelope), Grace Millikan (Lincoln), Rodreco Mulkey (Grant), Benjamin Murphy (Whitney), Brigham Nash (Lincoln), Julia Nead (John Adams), Anna Newey (Bella Vista), Kylee Nielsen (Granite Bay), Lilian Norris (Granite Bay), Mahari Paul (Grant), Sharon Phillips (John Adams), Sarah Pratt (Inspire Charter School North), Natalie Ruben (Casa Roble), Chanakya Sharma (Whitney), Nathan Stewart (Lincoln), Jason Tso (Franklin), Luke Vorndorn (Whitney), Cameron Wade (Granite Bay), Erik Washburn (John Adams), Yemimah William (Whitney), Gaby Williams (Granite Bay), Tyce Womeldorf (Western Sierra Collegiate Academy), Joshua Yeargin (Granite Bay), Patrick Young (Western Sierra Collegiate Academy), Aidan Zinn (Folsom)


2017 American Youth Leaders Summit


Andrew Aldaz (Encina Prepatory High School), Brennan Bailey (South Sutter Charter School), Laura Berthelsen (Granite Bay High School), Jack Boatman (Lincoln High School), Colby Bradford (Granite Bay High School), Faith Brasher (John Adams Academy), Erika Broadway (Whitney High School), Domme Broque (Granite Bay High School), Hunter Busby (Granite Bay High School), Lucas Castro (Whitney High School), Makayla Clement (Granite Bay High School), Madeline Gardner (Western Sierra Collegiate Academy), Jaime Grayson (John Adams Academy), Caleb Hanson (Placer High School), Brady Holmes (John Adams Academy), Ty Johnson (Argonaut High School), Kennedy Kell (Rosemont High School), Chenhao Liu (Whitney High School), Patrick Marquina (Whitney High School), Azdin McCollam (Rocklin High School), Rebekah Milligan (John Adams Academy), Gabriel Moore (Whitney High School), Mahek Pandya (Western Sierra Collegiate Academy), Tej Patel (Whitney High School), Emily Pratt (Rocklin High School), Alyssa Sheppard (Roseville High School), Luke Sheppard (South Sutter Charter School), Hailey Smedley (Inspire Northern Charter), Jessica Stokes (Rosemont High School), Jessica Suchomel (Del Oro High School), Preston Summerhays (Lincoln High School), Engelberta Yue (Cosumnes Oaks High School) 



2016 American Youth Leaders Summit


Esmerelda Aldaz (Encina High School), Shanna Angel  (John Adams Academy), Parker Bovee (Franklin High School), Emma Brown (John Adams Academy), Abigail Brown (Woodcreek High School), Casey Carr (Whitney High School), Bailey Caughey (John Adams Academy), Ardith Chavez (Western Sierra Collegiate Academy), Xin Chen (Whitney High School), Anna Clark (Granite Bay High School), Swinch Djalilova (Antelope High School), Parley Dufort  (John Adams Academy), Thomas Ford  (John Adams Academy), Rayman Gavaldon (Rosemont High School), Cole Hanson (Placer High School), Luis Hernandez (Rosemont High School), Carl Illustrisimo (Whitney High School), Emma Jeppson (Del Oro High School), Kelsey Lawson Antelope High School), Angelena Marello (Lincoln High School), Matthew McDonald (Whitney High School), Jane Miller (Antelope High School, Emily Pratt (Rocklin High School), Jack Scaglione (Whitney High School), Emily Schofield ( Granite Bay High School), Carly Shaffer (Lincoln High School), Peter Stanberry (Whitney High School), Tai Truong (Antelope High School), Antwon Weary (Rosemont High School), Taylor Weiss (John Adams Academy), McKenna Weitzel (Woodcreek High School) 


2015 American Youth Leaders Summit
March 12-15, 2015 

All Students 

Justin Yu, Mira Loma H.S., Kevin Thweatt, Antelope H.S., Rissa Torgersen, Antelope H.S., Brian Lamson, Antelope H.S., Andrea Davis, Antelope H.S., Abigail Graham, John Adams Academy, Jordan Harris, John Adams Academy, Savannah Schulthies, John Adams Academy, Jamie McKay, John Adams Academy, Jada Summers, John Adams Academy, Haley Matthews, Rocklin H.S., Gabi Lindelof, Horizon Charter, David Easton, American River Charter, Parker Evans, Langley High School, Hayley Sierck, Del Oro H.S., Emily Walter, Del Oro H.S., Alexa Overba, Lincoln H.S., Katelyn Hall, Lincoln H.S., Sean Campbell, Oak Ridge H.S., Steven Nielsen, Granite Bay H.S., Elise McGregor, Granite Bay H.S., Brandon Bassett, Granite Bay H.S., Stefan Spiridonov, Rosemont H.S., Karishma Patel, Whitney H.S., Alexander Gloudeman, Whitney H.S., Ellie Womeldorf, Western Sierra H.S., Kevin Chang, Western Sierra H.S., Mackenzie Cook, Benjamin Holt H.S., Wyatt Johnson, Argonaut H.S., Brayden Leach, Roseville H.S.


2014 American Youth Leaders Summit
March 6-9, 2014

2014 Student Summit Attendees

2014 Youth Summit Attendees

Chinmayee Balachandra, Franklin H.S., Spencer Matthews, Rocklin H.S., John Berthelsen, Granite Bay H.S.,  Rachel Milligan, John Adams Academy, Tanner Boatman, Lincoln H.S.,  Emmett Nash, John Adams Academy, Jeremiah Brown, Woodcreek H.S.,  Huinan Pang, Hiram Johnson H.S., Camden Carter, Dell Oro H.S., Brad Pickett, Woodcreek H.S., Joel Gilbert, John Adams Academy,  Peter Schofield, Granite Bay H.S., Emily Griffin, John Adams Academy,  Emma Sheppard, Roseville H.S., Natalie Hawkins, Lincoln High School,   Brooklynn Sheppard, South Sutter Charter, Kristen Hilburn, Granite Bay H.S.,  Matthew Smith, Rocklin H.S., Aubrey Holt, Granite Bay H.S.,  Punnawit Supawanchaikul, Hiram Johnson H.S.,Shannon Lee, Western Sierra,  Thao Vanessa Tran, Hiram Johnson H.S., Emily Lenzinger, John Adams Academy,  Cordon Wade, Granite Bay H.S., Jeffrey Li, Mira Loma H.S.,  Jonathan Weston, Granite Bay H.S., Autumn Lulla, El Dorado Hills H.S.,  Anna Yermolov, John Adams Academy,Moriah Macklin, Franklin H.S.,  Amanda Youngblood, Oakmont H.S., Julianne Maninang, Franklin H.S.



2013 American Youth Leaders Summit
March 7-10, 2013
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

Sacramento students at the Valley Forge campus

Sacramento attendees at Independence Hall in Philadelphia

2013 Youth Summit Attendees

Shawn Beyer-John Adams Academy, Griffin Bovee-Franklin High School, Olivia Brophy-Western Sierra Collegiate Academy, Michelle Cox-Core Placer Charter School, Spencer Dickinson-Del Oro High School, Melynne Evans-Granite Bay High School, Miriam Flinders-Granite Bay High School, Nathan Folkman-John Adams Academy, Paige Hawkins- Benjamin Holt College Prep Academy, Rachael Judd-Granite Bay High School, Graeson Leach-Roseville High School, Beckett Lee-Western Sierra Collegiate Academy, Elizabeth Ann Lowe-Benjamin Holt College Prep Academy, Madeline Marie Marello-Lincoln High School, Waylon McKay-John Adams Academy, Natachi Mez-Franklin High School, Bradley Miller-Antelope High School, Sam Neptune-Granite Bay High School, Sarah Peterson-John Adams Academy, Violeta Pilipchuk-Antelope High School, Sydney Sheppard-Roseville High School, Jacob Smith-Granite Bay High School, Brandon Snow-Del Oro High School, Rainee Strebel-Hiram Johnson High School, Jade Tso-Franklin High School, Felicia Vasquez-Hiram Johnson High School, Christina Weist-John Adams Academy, Samantha Wong-Franklin High School, Roger Yu-Mira Loma High School



2012 American Youth Leaders Summit
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania



2012 Youth Summit Attendees

Alexandrea Henry-Antelope High School
Kenny Chin-Hiram Johnson High School
Kent Sivori-Consumnes Oaks High School
Pablo Rodas-Franklin High School
Amanda Bassett-Granite Bay High School
Charlie Le-Hiram Johnson High School
Matthew Clement-Granite Bay High School
Jennifer Tran-Franklin High School
Sophia Shaw-Granite Ba High Schooly
Shannon Boyce-Antelope High School
Sarah Milligan-John Adams Academy
Kenneth Lindelof-Granite Bay High School
Khang Lai-Hiram Johnson High School
Jennifer Gauger-Antelope High School
Eric Joglekar-Granite Bay High School
Yongsheng Haung-Hiram Johnson High School
Cierra Quintana-Inderkum High School
Nikaela Smith-John Adams Academy
Abbigayle Baldock-Antelope High School
Stephanie Wilcox-Lincoln High School
Zipporah Bryce-Sheldon High School
Rothman Sydney-Oakmont High School
Nicole Wihl-Antelope High School

American Leaders Youth Summit
April 14-17, 2011
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

2011 Youth Summit Attendees

Keaton Landenberger-Roseville High School
Bryan Seigek—Woodcreek High School
Mary Alatorre—Antelope High School
Ashlyn Howes—Granite Bay High School
Jennifer Bradley—Antelope High School
Laurie Thanpaeng—New San Juan High School
Nicole Paige—Roseville High School
Amanda Fry—Antelope High School
Jacklyn Jae Trentman—CORE Charter High School
Haroon Zaidi—Granite Bay High School
Galina Karamalak—Antelope High School
Lauren Alyssa Bouthillier—Roseville High School
Aime Adali Millan—New San Juan High School
Ashleigh Magda—Horizon Charter High School
Ann Dang—Antelope High School
Moosa Zaidi—Granite Bay High School
Sheyda Talebi—Antelope High School
Bobby R Cameron—Roseville High School
Morgan Minor—Antelope High School

Students in the Martha Washington Bldg.

Jackie Trentman

Students with Alexander Hamilton

Galina Karamalak in a workshop

Students in the Medal of Honor Grove

Philadelphia Tour

Washington’s Winter Headquarters

Bill of Rights Statue—FFVF Campus

Students at the Liberty Bell

Founding Fathers Statue

Keaton Landenberger & Burgess Owens

Students preparing for a presentation

Leadership Activity

Bryan Seigel

Jen Bradley in the Medal of Honor Grove

Morgan Miner outside FFVF Dormitory

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